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The Vlone Store

Our store is dedicated for the fans and we strongly believe in spreading love for the brand. Our online clothing store has a huge collection of shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, hats and phone cases for sale. We provide fresh and prominent designs which encourages the brand lovers to buy not just the clothes but a soulful expression of long-lasting love which was originated from the Harlem roots and is now revived in our web store.

The Clothing Brand

Our clothing shop has the most up to date themed variety of authentic merch for men, women, boys and girls. The designs are breathtaking and truly showcases the brand motive. All sorts of colorful real cotton products and collabs are available ranging from friends to love and orange. We offer best quality product gears in our store with relatively cheap price tags.


It is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle, a dedication and a true mantra. The real motivation behind the apparel line is its legendary connection with the Harlem era, which has mobilized the youth under the very banner of V. The famous style tagline of the brand is

“Live Alone, Die Alone”

It is a hidden fact that every living being dies alone no matter how many friends they have, this harsh reality is being boldly embraced. The impression is taken from a quote of Orson Welles, a famous American filmmaker, “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone”. The fans truly understand how it means to be alone in the life, no matter how much ups and downs, we still feel alone sometimes, that’s the feeling which vl one symbolizes. Another slogan for the brand connecting the lonely emotions was taken from the movie Donnie Darko, “Every living creative dies alone”. This tagline inspired the creative community and became part of clothing shop products, many sweatshirts and long sleeves had this printed on them.

Vlone History

Founded in 2011 by the ASAP Mob member Kamoni Chandler and later taken on by Jabari Shelton aka ASAP Bari. The clothing line was formed as a joint venture for the group. The core members of the association included ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari and Edison Chen. The designer brand got recognition in 2013 after being promoted by the ASAP Mob and Ian Conor, who wore it themselves. It became a popular streetwear phenomenon, youth and even the homeless were seen wearing it. ASAP rocky was the major fashion icon as for bringing the apparel line under the spotlight during the initial brand campaigns.

During the era of 2016, great success was made specially in the hip hop culture by directly interacting with the youth community through visual media. Huge support was given by the famous media stars such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Gunna and AJ Tracey. The merch appeared in music videos, interviews, fashion shows led by the leading artists. In 2016, Playboi Carti was seen wearing real brand clothing in his music video “What”. In 2017, the label took a bold turn and exhibited a full fashion collection of tees, denims, hats, accessories and more at Paris Fashion Week, which helped establish the label as a passionate name among the industry.

The V Logo

The huge stretched V design on the outfits is very unique and stands alone among the crowd. It represents the personality of the wearer. It is a symbol of union for the hood members all around the world. The logo is present on all the real products and shows the real passion and unity of the fans. It is a variation of the word ‘we’ which is presented by V.

What to Buy

Our store is equipped with complete inventory of inspirational real-life products for all ages ranging from adults to kids. We provide cool colors and themes for all moods and occasions; you might get a suitable and handsome t-shirt, waiting here just for you.

Best Selling

Our hot selling products are hoodies and t-shirts, primarily because of their unmatched sensation and soft comfortable material.

24/7 Customer Support

Our virtual assistants are available online and are ready to help out in case of any query.

Best Quality

We are completely devoted to sell the best quality products. The clothing pieces are made with great care and checked thoroughly. We assure that all the products undergo quality inspection phase and then shipped to our precious buyers.

Free Shipping

We provide worldwide free shipping to our customers. Kindly wait 5 days for the order processing.

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